Get your own unique patient support program targeted towards a specific disease area and patient group (young, adolescents, elderly, co-morbidity).

The platform offers a targeted patient solution with focus to increase compliance, adherence and secure better outcomes.

The platform uses artificial intelligence, big data, embedded software and gamification to ensure a targeted and engaging program for the users and to guarantee the best results. The programs are used within regions, hospitals, medico companies and for research projects.

The programs will also include tools targeted for other stakeholders including healthcare professionals and relatives in order to secure the best outcomes.

Read more about various patient support cases below.

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Selected Cases


Digital healthprogram for COPD patients for better disease management and healthier lifestyle

Type 2 Diabetes


Digital healthprogram for Type 2 Diabetes Patients with co-morbidity and high risk factor



The virtual rehabilitation portal serves the relations between the physiotherapists and their patien…

Psoriasis APP


Pso'dan is an application designed to help people with psoriasis and health professionals to create …

Mit Sano


MitSano is an interactive programme targeted patients arthritis treatment and occupational therapy

Abbott Mobile Fitness

Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Digital platform offered through general practitioners in Denmark to support lifestyle changes for o…


Frederiksberg Municipality

Set your own goals, compare your spending with others, and seek new knowledge. What results can alco…

Diabetes App

Hillerød Hospital

Young people with diabetes receive a 'pocket guide' to ensure an optimal treatment.

My Pulse

Rigshospitalet is a support program aimed at increasing physical activity.